Dating with anxiety 

1.Aniexty tells you “they ignoring you on purpose” . They don’t care ,they going to leave,they’re mad at you.

2.Anxiety is anticipating the worst in people even though you may have the best intentions . It’s caring too much with insecurities.

3.Aniexty is pushing people away because you think it’s for their own good.

4.Aniexty is being painfully insecure & not being able to help it .

5. Aniexty is explaining things and not being able to explain them right and telling the person what they have to deal with .

6.Aniexty is fear someone getting close to you and see you naked vulnerable side .especially when you’ve always been on the tough side .

7. If someone can accept your Aniexty and struggle then you should be with that person . They are able to watch out at your worst and enjoy you at your best.

True love 

At 19 I was in a relationship with an adopted South Korean guy from New Jersey When we first met we both were just strangers , our first hang out was at the Barclays center at a basketball game . I knew he was different because he was a gentleman . We didn’t start dating after a few months talking late at night on and off and while he was in college. We were two shy kids who enjoyed the simple things going out to eat and just being home together doing normal stuff .

We were on and off for 2 years , I wanted him to hate me so I use to cause arguments with him to hate him and sometimes it would work but he never disrespected me to my face . Our problem with our relationship was his ego . His ego got the best of him and it would make mad . He use to write poems as I was his inspiration and took me to poetry slams. We enjoyed the simple life as an interracial couple .The best relationship I could ever experience.

Before we ended he gave me a promise ring , a promise ring that represented true love and that’s what we had two young people in love but I was in love for the wrong reasons.